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Welcome to "CityU Columbia Resources"!

Since 2019, Mainland Chinese students who are taking the program and studying at Columbia have spent two years collecting and preparing for multiple resources about the Joint Bachelors Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and Columbia University (Columbia). There are the application procedures, precious experiences from everyone, and analysis or answers to the questions that one may have during applications. After editing and integrating, these resources have finally been delivered to the public in the forms of Q&A videos and "Admission-Pedia" (the application reference handbook) on this freshly built website in 2021. We hope this website can serve as a reference for students and parents who are interested in this program.

During the process of compiling reference books and videos, all Mainland Chinese students of cohort 2017 (who entered Columbia in 2019) have gained full support and help from CityU Global Engagement Office (GEO) and CityU College of Business. We hereby express our greatest and warmest gratitude to the relevant departments and faculty of CItyU and Columbia!



In the first semester at Columbia, Mainland Chinese students of cohort 2017 (who entered Columbia in 2019) cooperated and composed two volumes of "Admission-Pedia  (Admission Encyclopedia)". "Admission-Pedia" has the main steps of preparation before and after the application. It contains the necessary introduction and detailed explanations of the application process. Besides, there are comments and tips from students. It can serve as a reference for interested students and parents.

The preparation of "Admission-Pedia" is initiated and led by Jiangtian Hou from cohort 2017 (who entered Columbia in 2019) and it is completed with help from Mainland Chinese students from the same cohort: Yijie Fang, Wenda Li, Qimeng Shi, Zhenfeng Tu, Hanyi Wang. It is published with being revised and supported by CityU College of Business. The Simplified Chinese version of "Application Encyclopedia" is also published on the official WeChat account of Chinese Students and Scholars Association of CityU (CSSAUG).



Year 2019 "Admission-Pedia" (English)

The English version of the Volume of Columbia is being translated and edited. Therefore, only Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions are available currently. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

For the Chinese versions of "Admission-Pedia", visit this website by selecting different corresponding languages. 



Every April, CityU holds a pre-departure orientation session for new-admitted students of the CityU-Columbia Joint Bachelors Degree Program. Jiangtian Hou from cohort 2017 (who entered Columbia in 2019) has planned and directed two episodes of videos for the session. These videos include several commonly asked questions from new-admitted students along with multiple streetviews and life settings of Columbia and New York City.

Questions included in the videos:

Year 2020 [Episode 1]

(1) How many years do we need to complete our studies?

(2) How are the courses in the core curriculum different from the GE courses at CityU?

(3) How is the learning experience with military veterans in the School of General Studies?

(4) What do you like and dislike the most about Columbia?

(5) How much money are we going to pay every month on average?

Year 2021 [Episode 2]

(1) Can you show me around the campus?

(2) How can we deal with pressure at Columbia?

(3) What should I do if my Columbia peers are better that me?

Joey's Question & Answer [Episode 2]

Columbia & CityU HK JBDP Pre-departure Orientation Session 2021

Joey's Question & Answer [Episode 1]

Columbia & CityU HK JBDP Pre-departure Orientation Session 2020



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